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Five Fingers, Ten Toes a Mother’s Story of Raising a Child Born with a Limb Difference


When Katie Kolberg met and married Todd Memmel, the two were young and unsure of what life might hand them; but they felt ready to find out together. While preparing for the birth of their first child, Todd and Katie had no idea that their son would be born missing part of his left arm. View Post

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The Making of My Special Hand: Madison’s Story


Experience the curiosity and eager anticipation of Madison, a small girl born without her left hand, as she tells her story of being fitted for her “special” hand. Her helper hand, a prosthesis, will allow Madison to easily pick up toys, throw a ball, and carry her doll. This enlightening story offers a rare look View Post

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Imagine…Amazing Me!

Imagine.... Amazing Me

Imagine…Amazing Me! will disband any misconceptions about people with disabilities. Within these pages are photos of beautiful children from across the United States and Canada enjoying childhood activities despite their limb and extremity differences. Imagine…Amazing Me! was inspired by Libbi Chilia s daughter Sami, who has a limb deficiency. As Libbi embarked on finding books View Post

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Zippy’s Big Difference

zippy2cover (2)

Candida Sullivan Ages 3 to 10 The book is available in print and as an e-book, Children’s Religious Fiction Book Zippy’s Big Difference is a story about how Zippy the zebra came to appreciate that which makes him different from others. It deals with the emotional struggles facing children with disabilities and tackles some of View Post

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Zippy and the Stripes of Courage


Candida Sullivan Ages 3 to 10 Zippy and the Stripes of Courage is a story about how Zippy the zebra came to accept himself for who he is. It teaches children to celebrate one another’s differences and to treat others as they themselves want to be treated. Kids who are bullied or teased for looking View Post

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Expect a Miracle : Unwavering Faith through Fetal Surgery


by Andrea Merkord “With an unfathomable ethical dilemma on their hands, they reluctantly opted for surgery that would sacrifice two lives to save one. ‘Expect a Miracle’ is the amazing true story of a mother faced with two experimental fetal surgeries.” Read Thomas’s Story on this site Buy it on Amazon

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Oliver’s High Five


by Beverly Swerdlow Brown and Margot J. Ott Age Level: 4 and up Oliver Octopus only has five arms, but it doesn’t bother him! Young children with any kind of “disability” or “differences” will enjoy reading about Oliver’s adventures above the sea, and how, through his determination and positive attitude, he corrects the misconceptions other View Post

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Underneath the Scars

Underneath the Scars book cover

by Candida Sullivan Ages 13 to adult Underneath the Scars is a journey of emotional and spiritual healing associated with physical deformities. You will laugh, cry, and reflect as Candida shares her story and the woman underneath her scars. Buy it on Amazon About the Author: Candida Sullivan believes in miracles. Born with a rare View Post

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