John Anthony Eddy


Johnny was born with Tracheal Esophageal Fistula (TEF) and with amniotic band restriction on some digits on his hands and feet. We consider him lucky as ABS could have affected whole limbs.

Compared to the TEF the ABS seems like nothing, only cosmetic — Johnny is perfect in our eyes. As Johnny gets older other kids are starting to ask about his fingers and toes and they are pointing it out to him.

John and I can only hope to instill in him the importance of what’s on the inside and that everybody is different and should never be judged by the outside.

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Growing up with ABS – Sarah’s Story

Sarah born with ABS

My name is Sarah and I was born in 1998 with Amniotic Band Syndrome. It affects my fingers and toes, some of them are shorter and I have two bands on two of my fingers.

I’ve had more than several surgeries since I was born. My fingers were actually fused at birth and I had to undergo surgery to separate them. I also had surgeries to revise fingers and to remove bands and webbing.

During the 17 years I have been alive I haven’t had trouble with doing anything,

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Angelica’s ABS Story


Hello, my name is Angelica I am 18 years old and I was born with ABS on my right hand. I don’t have any fingers on my right hand just little stubs. I’ve just learned the name as to the exact problem that I was born with. My entire life people have asked me what happened to me and my answer was always “I was just born like that” which is 100 % true but I guess there’s more to that.

I never felt different from anyone else until I hit middle school.

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Leah’s Words

My name is Leah. I’m 17 and I was born with only one hand. Due to this, I’m very dependent on my left hand. All my life I’ve been able to deal with having a disability until I’ve decided what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I’ve grown up with a construction background, and I’ve actually chosen plumbing & heating has a career choice for me. Pursuing this “dream” of mind has actually brought me down. I’ve always been the type of girl to show everyone off,

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The Greatest Gift I Have Been Given

In 1969 I was born missing my left arm from the elbow down and it has been the greatest gift I could ever imagine. Back then, doctors were not educated as to what caused this deformity so it wasn’t till I was married and my wife was expecting the birth of our first child that I became aware of what caused my condition.

I have had the privilege of using this “gift” to encourage and motivate others. Currently I travel across the nation speaking to students,

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Eternally Sleeping Owen

Eternally Sleeping Owen

When I was 20 weeks I was told that my son, Owen had bilateral clubbed feet and that his lower left leg was swollen. I was sent to a larger medical center for a level 2 ultrasound. Owen was diagnosed with ABS. We were told that his lower left leg was extremely swollen and would likely amputate itself in utero or need to be amputated at birth. We were also told that there was a band wrapped around his left hand, but they could not tell if he had fingers or not since the band was covering where they should be.

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My ABS Story

Amniotic Band Syndrome

I was born in 1998 with ABS on my middle finger on my left hand. My whole right hand, and both of my feet. I am 17 years old now. This is my story of my ABS experience. I’ve had multiple surgeries to make my fingers better to comfort myself and others.

I’ve always been bullied since elementary school because of them. I’ve had plenty of people tell me that “you’re beautiful no matter what” or “God made you this way for a reason.”

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Karl Akl with One hand

He will conquer the world with one hand

I will conquer the world with ONE hand.

Karl Akl born on November 26 in Lebanon, Beirut with his left hand missing due to ABS. We (Karl parents) did not know about his missing hand during the 9 months of pregnancy.

On the day he was born at 9:35am Karl’s dad was holding the camera and taking a video when he noticed the hand but didn’t show any surprise in order not to inform Karl’s mom directly. Doctor and nurses were all surprised and were afraid how to tell the mom.

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My little boy Jack

From my day of conception I was extremely sick a vomited every single minute of every single day! And this carried on until the day of Jacks birth! I went for my first scan and 12 weeks and it was spotted straight away something wasn’t right.

Doctors could pinpoint exactly what was wrong because Jack would always hide his right hand. Eventually I was told he was either missing fingers or his fingers were fused on that right hand. It was now just a waiting game until he was born until I knew for sure exactly what was wrong.

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Fern’s story

Close up picture of fingers affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome

My name is Fern Graham I am 17 years old and I was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome. When I was born I had a short middle finger on my right hand also the finger beside (ring finger) has a fused knuckle. I had a tiny wee strand of skin joining my middle finger to my ring finger that the doctor snipped. I have noticed now that I’m older I have bands round my leg that aren’t very noticeable unless you are looking in the right light.

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