ABS toes

Hi, I’m 34 and have ABS involving just my toes. I grew up never knowing the cause, my parents were never told. They said it was because I stuck my feet through the amniotic bag and my toes were lost. As I got older I knew that wasn’t true and with the internet available I did my own research and finally know the cause is Amniotic Band Syndrome. I always hated my feet and do envy people who walk about in sandals.

Now I am less self-conscious but still won’t walk barefoot in public. It’s nice to see similar cases and finally, understand what happened to me.


2 thoughts on “ABS toes

  1. Be proud of who you are. Your toes are unique. Your confidence will outshine anything. If you ever want to wear sandals you should! You have two healthy working feet that carry you where ever you want to go! On your feet you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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