All Grown Up

My son, Anthony, was born 2/9/1995 with ABS that had cut off growth of some of his toes on both feet. He has only nubs of toes (with no bone) for a big toe on one foot but the other foot he has a big toe. Both feet have middle toes that were wrapped with bands that caused toes to either not form at all or only somewhat.

The amazing thing is, the day he was born, the doctors held him up by his fingers and let his feet touch the table and held him to walk. They said on that first day of birth that he would walk with no problems, and to this day, he has never had problems walking, even though his big toes were affected. He can walk, run, but has a tough time climbing as toes are really needed for that. He can’t wear regular slippers, with the toe post. That’s about the only limitations he has suffered. We know we’re fortunate.

I’m telling this story to help others know that your child can live a healthy, happy life even with limitations caused by this tragic syndrome. I never smoked or drank alcohol during pregnancy. I even drank tons of orange juice while pregnant. It’s just one of those things that life deals the cards to you.

Fortunately, since he has not been incapacitated, the kids never paid any attention to his feet, and he never had issues in school. Kids can be cruel, they were mean to him otherwise not for his feet. But he’s all grown now and hasn’t been impacted by his mild disability of not having toes. I pray your children can live happy lives with their disabilities caused by ABS.