Alyssa’s Story

My names Alyssa and I am 16 years old.  I have ABS towards my hands and feet. I live as much of a normal 16 year old life as I can I do sports and have a boyfriend, I’m a junior in high-school, and now have my permit to drive.

When I was younger every year or so I had to go to Shriners Hospital to get blood work done on my feet, the hands were less of a concern. The doctors a first thought id never walk due to the severity of the toes, but as the years went on I played as a normal kid in the yard. I now do Track and Field, Field Hockey, and run on Cross country.

Its not easy explaining to people that I have ABS especially little kids who don’t understand how it happened. High-school kids are not much easier either.  It’s a little more reassuring that I am not the only person who has ABS.

One thought on “Alyssa’s Story

  1. I am definitely with you Alyssa. I was born with ABS on my toes, fingers and with cleft palate too. High school was very hard to try and hide everything, then I’d pray whoever did notice would be accepting and not freak out. I’m sure you felt the same way – thanks for sharing your story!

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