Angelica’s ABS Story


Hello, my name is Angelica I am 18 years old and I was born with ABS on my right hand. I don’t have any fingers on my right hand just little stubs. I’ve just learned the name as to the exact problem that I was born with. My entire life people have asked me what happened to me and my answer was always “I was just born like that” which is 100 % true but I guess there’s more to that.

I never felt different from anyone else until I hit middle school. That was when the only outfits I would wear were long sleeve shirts or big sweaters. I would always hide and to this day I sometimes do but I’m trying to gain confidence and come to terms with myself that I am a healthy individual and I shouldn’t care about what others think of me. I still cry at night wondering if I will ever find someone who will like me for me but I still have many years ahead of me and that shouldn’t be the first thing that I should be worried about.

I’m going off to college soon and I will try to be the best that I can and just focus on my education. I can do many things that a “normal” person can do or even better. I’m still in my teenage years and I am in that self-discovery mode so I’m trying out new things which is putting myself out there. Recently I had thoughts about maybe getting a prosthetic arm but now that I think of it I don’t think I ever will. I remember using a prosthetic arm when I was younger and felt even more limited as to what I was doing. I’m tired of being ashamed of what I was born with and acting as if I can’t do anything because I can and that what I have isn’t the worse thing in the world. I want to show others that even though I wasn’t born fully normal, I can still do things as one.

I want parents of children who have ABS to know that you should never treat your child as “special” or do things for them thinking that they can’t. Your child can do many things and helping them out with every little thing isn’t helping them at all. That drives your child into a state of “I can never achieve anything without another persons help”. Please don’t do this to your child. Make them do things on their own so that they can learn more about their body and prove to others that they can make it into this world. I hope this somewhat helped and thanks for hearing my story.

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  1. Angelica, thanks for sharing. I hope college is going well for you! I’m 23 years old and was born with ABS. It affects both of my hands. I struggled a lot in high school with confidence. I always felt people wouldn’t accept me and had a lot of identity issues and a hard time finding myself. I can say the older I got the less my hands seemed to make me insecure. I used to get knots in my stomach when I thought people saw my fingers or noticed them. Now I’ve realized if a person or a guy does not accept me as I am then they don’t deserve me! I have so much to offer. Our minds, our souls, internal beauty-these are all things that shine! Once I realized that happiness was derived from within I became so much more confident and started making a lot more friends! Rarely, but once in a while I get a little insecure, then I remind myself if someone is not accepting of me, they’re probably not the kind of person I wasn’t to associate with anyway. You’re story was really inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Angelica- Thank you for sharing your story. I too was affected by ABS. I’m 45. I didn’t find out what ABS was until I was 21. I unfortunately learned at an early age to ” hide” my right hand and feet,ashamed of myself and my appearance. I was hospitalized for a few days while my mother and Drs explored the idea of “reconstructive” surgery to make things ” look better”. My self esteem was affected greatly by ignorant comments from people who never took the time to get to know me. If you learn anything in life,love yourself for who you are and the way you look.YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I was not told this growing up.EVER. Surround yourself with those who love you for who you are.. Your appearance does NOT define you! I work as a Registered Nurse..married to a wonderful guy who says he ” doesn’t notice” my ” imperfections”. I have 2 healthy boys who have 10 fingers and 10 toes.. perfect! I can gather from your post that you’re way ahead of me when I was your age. Keep your positive attitude,and ALWAYS believe in yourself.

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