I have ABS.

When I was born, my left hand had no fingers, just nubs. My name is Kelsey. I am almost sixteen years old. After I was born the doctors did not really know what was exactly wrong with my hand. I was admitted to a children’s hospital as soon as a day old. I had a total of two surgeries. My first surgery was at the age two, they took bones out of my toes to put into my hand. I had to learn how to walk on my feet afterwards. It was a lot of money for my parents. Then the second surgery was when I was three. The doctors took the growth plate out of my left hip and put it into my fingers on my left hand. My parents home schooled me until fourth grade. I got made fun of many times and I still do. But that is my experience.

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  1. Hello kelsey . My baby is just born .she also had same pblm .can u plz tell me abt this surgrys are useful .did it help u to get fingrs ….can u work with left hand ….plz reply. Me…

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