Kaye’s ABS Story

I was born in 1979 with Amniotic Band Syndrome. There was a band around my left leg just above my knee. I was born with a club foot and extremely diminished feeling. On my right foot my first three toes were affected. Both of my hands were also affected. I have my thumb and index fingers on both hands. The rest of my fingers grew together. Sort of like a duck’s webs.

I’ve had about fourteen surgeries. You lose track after a while. ABS was never a bad thing for me. I had a great childhood. I feel like I’ve grown from my experiences. I was never hindered, I never let myself be hindered. I had my club foot “fixed”, my fingers separated (they look exactly like Evans hand), my leg lengthened 2 1/2 inches, several others which are a little complicated to go into detail about. I had an awesome doctor who did all of my surgeries, Dr Bowen. When I have a little boy I will name him after him. Yes, he had that much of a positive impact on my life.

I would never change any of it for a “normal” life. I love being a little “different”. I have learned so much from it. I feel like I have so much to offer not only for the young ones that are going through it, the people who’ve been there,but also for the ones who don’t understand or are a little frightened.

If there is anyone out there who need a little support parents and kids alike I will encourage you to contact me. Keep your heads up, stay strong.