Kayla’s Story

My name is Kayla, and I was born with ABS. I am missing 3 fingers on my right hand and a big toe on my right foot. My left foot has a band wrapped around it. The hardest thing about ABS is being in pain all the time, getting made fun of for something you can’t help, having doctors tell you that you’ll be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Even though some people say I can’t do this, or that. I do it anyway to prove them wrong.

My own biological father denied me when I was born because of my disability. My mom finally met the man of her dreams, and he has been there for me. He is my dad. My dad and mom try to do everything that’s good for me.

I’m 16 almost 17 now, and my leg is just getting worst. I’ve been dis enrolled from 2 school’s already because I can’t get up and walk everyday. So, I’m getting my GED then I’m off to college to be an RN. Life’s a struggle with ABS. Nobody understands unless they have ABS themselves. Someday’s I just wanna give up and get my leg cut off. So many doctors tell me they can’t do anything, then they just prescribe me more pain pills. Then I moved to Muskogee, OK, and found a doctor who actually cares and wants to help me have my leg as long as I can. But if anybody has any questions, or needs answers, or help, feel free to email me, or comment.

One thought on “Kayla’s Story

  1. You have to accept who you are. I too have ABS, I am hoping to compete at the Paralympic Games in Rio, I am currently a national sportsman, have a great job and dated a model for 4 years. We can achieve anything. It’s something to overcome, you will find most people will like you more for it than don’t, they are impressed by the way you have overcome your “disabilty” and that you have a positive attitude.

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