about Kim

I gave birth some 44 years ago. Her birth name, Kim. She was our first baby. I had never heard of amniotic band syndrome until Kim was born. It has been so long since giving it any thought at all. Happened to be discussing it at a party today. A guest mentioned that she had a friend whose child was born with the anomaly. Decided to look it up on the internet. Our experience was the same and not so much.

The amniotic band was like a rubber band placed between the thumb and 4 fingers of her left hand. She was operated on numerable times to loosen the band to allow better circulation. Much success in flexibility and usage of her fingers. Not so much perfection in the “look” of her fingers. She was blessed with a wonderful disposition and never showed any stress whatsoever dispite castings and the bar with “funny” shoes which she wore for the clubbed feet we learned she had soon after her birth. She learned to slide down the stairs with the bar. Discarded the bar and “funny” shoes by the age of 2 . I had honestly forgotten that she had “clubbed” feet until I read that they often accompany the syndrome. Kim was also the first in her class to learn to tie her shoes! She simply came up with alternative ways to get the job done! Her piano teacher thanked us for the opportunity to “innovate” with Kim. She didn’t have the extension of her fingers to play a chord. Her teacher taught her how to get the same sound differently.

Kim is 44 now, married to an extraordinary man, has 2 fabulous children and teaches high school children Spanish. She has a deep understanding of navigating through the insecurities of the teen years. Her journey was probably something that encouraged in her a deeper understanding of that age. Her experiences as a student were always positive. We subsequently had 2 more little girls. Now, all adults, everyone would trade places with Kim! She is confident, beautiful, hilariously funny and I guess you would have to ask her how her “difference” affected her life. As parents, we know it must have. We just never saw any signs.

Just wanted to encourage parents who are fearful that the diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome in the grand scheme of life, can be only the beginning of a positive journey!