Krissy’s ABS Story

My name is Krissy, and I was born with Abs in 1980.  I was left with my pinky on my right hand,  and the rest of that hand was webbed.  On my left hand, I am missing my middle finger, and my index has banding and a really plump knuckle. My left foot is missing two toes and is one size smaller, but there was no “clubbing” on either.  I too, went through numerous surgeries, which was very hard on my mom, due to my love of water.   Occasionally, she cried for me when kids were rude, but kids will be kids, and if it weren’t that it would be something else.  I never really let them get to me, my condition gave me a strong sense of self.  It has never disabled me in any way, in fact, I feel that it gave me an advantage in life at a very young age.  It is the greatest blessing, for me personally, and I hope that I am not the only one who will take that from this “gift”.