Leah’s Words

My name is Leah. I’m 17 and I was born with only one hand. Due to this, I’m very dependent on my left hand. All my life I’ve been able to deal with having a disability until I’ve decided what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I’ve grown up with a construction background, and I’ve actually chosen plumbing & heating has a career choice for me. Pursuing this “dream” of mind has actually brought me down. I’ve always been the type of girl to show everyone off, but I found something that I LOVE to do, but I have so many problems doing it.

I haven’t had a prosthetic since I was 5. I can literally do everything. I drive, do my nails, do my hair, cook, and even though I have a tough time in construction; I do that pretty well. I’m in the process on getting a prosthetic to solve there issues.

In class I beat the guys buts in work, and I’m only getting this prosthetic to make my life so much easier. I felt like I was losing pride by doing this, but if I don’t I’ll only make my life harder. Like it’s not hard enough lOl.

I’ve learned you have to do want you have to do, and can’t let anyone stop you !!

2 thoughts on “Leah’s Words

  1. Right on!!! I also have one hand like you. I used to be a waitress and a good one too! However, I had a coworker who was pretty rude about my arm telling others she hoped I could keep up. I remember feeling offended because while she just stood around waiting, I was actually on task working and carrying more stuff than her and she had two hands. My husband is a plumber and I commend you for going for that line of work. There are very few women who do it he says and I know I get frustrated trying to do some of the stuff he does. I don’t have the strength and holding something in my mouth like I often do probably wouldn’t be the best idea. lol.

    1. Good For you! My Daughter is 17 and was born with ABS she is also Left handed. She has full function of her right elbow. She is in the process of deciding on a career and has not let anything stop her from her goals so far.

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