Megan’s ABS Story

All throughout my life, I’ve been told “You’re one of a kind” and “You’re God’s gift to the world.” I enjoy being told things like this because it makes me feel cared for and accepted. I, was born in 1993 with ABS –  which affected my left arm by not letting it develop from the elbow down. Its been a “bumpy” road getting to where I am now but, if I could go back in time – I wouldn’t change a thing. I enjoy standing out and being “an apple amongst a pantry full of oranges.” Blending in is something some people (like me) want to do, but why do you want to deprive the world of such a wonderful and inspiring thing? Be proud of what God gave you, because He has a wonderful life planned out for you!

When you’ve grown up accepting the idea that you’re different looking, its easy to believe that others think that also. But, since I’ve recently entered high school, my thoughts and beliefs have changed a little – if not a lot. I’ve been so fortunate to have friends that care for me, but entering into “new waters” has showed me that having friends can’t completely save you from a world that is full of “sharks.” People are so quick to “judge a book by its cover” that they don’t take the time to get to know you – instead they waste their time making up untrue stories that will stay in the back of their head for the rest of their life. I can hardly bear going to the store because I know there is going to be someone there that will stare at me or make an inappropriate comment. People who talk about others in a mean or rude way apparently don’t understand how much it hurts to be the subject. But I have learned that ignoring the problem wont make it go away, but calmly approaching the source of the problem can make you feel ten times better. Standing tall and being proud of who you are and how you look will make the “sharks” in the world go back into hiding and stay there.

From being confident and brave, I started exploring new territories such as playing volleyball, which I love! When it comes to me, others know the “unexpected is to be expected!” I don’t want others to look upon me with pity and sadness, I want to inspire others and achieve goals that people would never think possible! I want to be the modern day “Mona Lisa” and the world is my “Leonardo Da Vince!” Thank You for reading.

~In all, Don’t fear the world because you may be different- nobody’s alike!
~Embrace life and the world- mold and shape it to fit you, don’t let the world mold and shape you to fit it.
~Don’t fear others who may taunt and tease you, just believe in yourself- the other people will get what they deserve eventually.


I was just going to tell you that I am now in Drivers Education and learning to properly drive a vehicle! With me only having one hand, driving is a little difficult and people might not think that I can do it but, I’m actually doing very well- as my instructor told me! Situations like this just justify that anyone, no matter how they look, can DO ANYTHING if they put their minds to it! I love to read other people’s stories on here and see that they are so prosperous and courageous! I actually praise God for blessing me with ABS because through me, He is able to work His Wonderful Ways! It might sound a little strange to say that, but I really do thank Him for it because being different is a gift, not a tragedy! Keep up the great work on here and I look forward to hearing from you!