My Father

Hello my name is Heather Page I am 32 years old. My father was born in 1944 with only one hand. For many years we were told it was a birth defect and that he lived a normal life. No answer were given nor name given of the birth defect until years down the road when we heard the term ABS.

Growing up my father was made fun of and picked on. He grew up in Texas and when he was old enough he applied for the military and was denied due to the fact he was handicapped. He then applied to become a police officer and was quickly turned away for the same reason. He moved to California and started welding for the union.

My father could tie shoes, change our diapers and play baseball and ride motorcycles. I went through school with kids making fun of me because of my father having one hand. I went through a lot but my father showed how to over come these issues.

He is now almost in his 70’s and still plays softball rides quads and water skis. His grandchildren have done reports and studies for school on my fathers condition.

He is my hero.

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  1. Hi Heather, thank you for sharing your story. My father also had ABS and I can relate to what you write. In fact you have inspired me to share my story about my father. My father would have been 96 this year! So he and his family never knew why he was born the way he ways. God bless you honey and yes your father will always be your HERO! Please watch for my post. <3

  2. My great grandmother had the same condition. Despite numerous pictures that exist of her , only one I know of actually showed her arm. ABS isn’t supposed to be genetic. Considering how rare it is supposed to be and the supposed odds of having both my great grandmother and child have it…..I have my doubts about there being no genetic connection.

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