My story

I’m 12, I’ve lived with amniotic band Syndrome all my life. I found out that it was called ABS about two years ago. I live in the uk, Wolverhampton and every-time I wanted a prophetic or needed an operation or I had a ache in that area, I always hand to go to Birmingham. The uk never knew about what to do. Birmingham was the place where I learned to tie my laces, I leaned how to write properly, I saw other people with disabilities, I saw people with ABS.

I miss my right hand, I have a somewhat place where my hand would be. The inside of my arm(the top bit) is a paler colour than the rest of my arm. I do want a chance to have two hands but I’d rather have one hand with no one asking what happened or making weird faces at my arm. I understand little kids doing it but a teenager to a grown adult should have the audacity to not do that. My siblings don’t care what I have one hand, my mom doesn’t either, my close friends don’t but the few people who say “if I could, I’d take that away from you and give you two hands” like yeah I appreciate it but it’s just I wish they didn’t always say it.

I wish that there could be a little group, people with ABS or disabilities to just meet up and talk about the problems they had because of it, we share what we think about it and we just get the chance to meet other people who have something you can relate to other than the common things that teens relate to. I would love the chance to meet people around my age with ABS, I’d love to share what I think about with people who could relate to it instead of taking to someone who will most likely never understand.