Teens/Adult – their own stories

Julia’s ABS Story

My name is Julia, and I was born with ABS in 1979. I am 23 and have had a wonderful life so far. The ABS affects both of my hands. I have both thumbs, and my left pinkie. The rest of my fingers are stunted and or missing. I do not have either middle fingers or my right index finger.

I was three when I had my first surgery and four for the second, and these are my earliest memories. They removed the webbing between my pinkie and ring finger on both hands,

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Katie’s ABS Story

My name is Katie, and I have nine fingers. I have about 1/4 of my middle finger on my right hand. I’m right handed, though, and the missing finger still makes it hard to write, which slows me down a bit at school sometimes.

After reading so much on this site, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. One missing finger and that’s it. The amniotic band wrapped around my whole right hand, and I still have marks from it on my other fingers,

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Kaye’s ABS Story

I was born in 1979 with Amniotic Band Syndrome. There was a band around my left leg just above my knee. I was born with a club foot and extremely diminished feeling. On my right foot my first three toes were affected. Both of my hands were also affected. I have my thumb and index fingers on both hands. The rest of my fingers grew together. Sort of like a duck’s webs.

I’ve had about fourteen surgeries. You lose track after a while.

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Kirsty’s ABS Story

Hi, my name is Kirsty & I was born with ABS 10th November 1975 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have scarring on my left index finger & missing the fingernail on my left middle finger. On my right hand, I have scarring on the index finger, & the middle finger is only up to the first knuckle with scarring. The next finger is completely missing & the little finger is up the first knuckle with a little bulbous mound.

I was born with a club foot on my left leg,

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Krissy’s ABS Story

My name is Krissy, and I was born with Abs in 1980.  I was left with my pinky on my right hand,  and the rest of that hand was webbed.  On my left hand, I am missing my middle finger, and my index has banding and a really plump knuckle. My left foot is missing two toes and is one size smaller, but there was no “clubbing” on either.  I too, went through numerous surgeries, which was very hard on my mom, due to my love of water.  … Read more Krissy’s ABS Story

Megan’s ABS Story

All throughout my life, I’ve been told “You’re one of a kind” and “You’re God’s gift to the world.” I enjoy being told things like this because it makes me feel cared for and accepted. I, was born in 1993 with ABS –  which affected my left arm by not letting it develop from the elbow down. Its been a “bumpy” road getting to where I am now but, if I could go back in time – I wouldn’t change a thing. I enjoy standing out and being “an apple amongst a pantry full of oranges.”

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Melissa’s ABS Story

My name is Melissa. I live in Maine and I am 26 years old. I was born with ABS. Three of the five fingers on my right hand, two of five on my left hand and my entire left foot is affected. Back in 1980 when I was born, not much was known about ABS, I personally have spent much time in the last 16 years trying to find out more. Sadly however, still to this day, there is not enough talk about Amniotic Band Syndrome.

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Patsy’s ABS Story

I was born in 1965 with ABS. I have a missing ring finger & band around the middle finger of my left hand. On my right hand all four fingers were fused but my thumb was unaffected.

Both of my feet were clubbed. The right foot did not need surgery but my big toe was missing & the next 2 toes were stunted & webbed. My left leg needed lots of Surgery to correct & I have 2 bands one around my ankle &

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Pete’s ABS Story

I was born in 1979 with a “natural” amputation of my right arm, four inches below the elbow. This has certainly not slowed me down, I am an avid rock climber, ice climber, mountaineer, snowboarder, kayaker, biker and some more stuff.

I have never before tried to find out much information about ABS, but now at 25 I am realizing that it has become more difficult to live with my arm, or lack thereof. So in trying to really come full circle with what I have been given in life I guess I felt like I needed to branch out,

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Rebekah’s ABS Story

My name is Rebekah Hale. I was born with my left hand and forearm missing due to Amniotic Band Syndrome. I used to be extremely self conscious of my arm. When we would go places and sit down, I would tuck my arm behind my back. From about seven to ten, I was very shy about my arm. Thinking back, I’m almost positive I was ashamed to be the way I am.

Ridicule from the children at school didn’t exactly help.

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