Tracy’s ABS Story

Hi my name is Tracy and I was born October 11 1970. I was born with a left hand deformity. I have a thumb about half inch long banded at the base, pointer and middle finger are just little round stubs, my ring finger and pinky are also bout half inch long and fussed together. I do have fingernail on thumb and ring finger and pinky.

I have never had any corrective surgeries. Every time I say something to my mother about surgery she tells me not to do it, She loves me just the way I am. People who are born normal don’t go through the things we do and people just don’t understand how I feel emotionally. Some days I think, “What did I do to deserve this”, other days I think “I am so blessed that this is all that is wrong”. I am healthy have a husband and two wonderful children who love me this way.

I was shunned as a kid. Kids were cruel to me. I am 35 and still think of the things people have done and still say and do to me and I just cry. I never tell my family how I hurt inside and how much this bothers me, But I have nobody else to talk to that understands what I go through. It would be nice to talk to someone who is like me.

After looking on here I see that I have a form of ABS. I have never found my specific type and would love to talk to someone who can look at my hand and tell me what I have. That is a lot of my problem, I don’t know what I have or why this happened. Can someone please help?

God Bless and thank you