We are in this together!!

Hello, my name is Tia. I am 23 years old, and I was also born with Amniotic Band syndrome. Which affected some of my fingers on both hands, two bands that affected both of my legs right above my ankles and two toes on my right foot. I’m just writing to you all to let you know even though we are born different we are special, we are relentless, and we should be proud of who we are.

On a personal note, I have felt left out because of my disability. Sometimes, I felt very depressed, but eventually, I feel better with the help of people that were around me, I learned that the people who truly love you for who you are, they will support you no more what. At this time in my life, I don’t feel at all depressed about my disability because I have learned that we are born this way for a reason.

As Shaquem Griffin, an NFL football player who also has Amniotic Band syndrome stated that “If you got a disability or a handicap, that means you’re limited to certain things. And I don’t feel like I’m limited to nothing. I can do anything anybody else can do. “ This is one of my favorite quotes by him.

We were put on this earth to be somebody. Don’t let your disability stop you from doing the things you loved to do. Do NOT give up on your dreams. Always remember don’t let any kind of negativity stop you from being you.
I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.
Much love,

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  1. Thank you for sharing Tia. I too have faced some of what you mention.

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