ABS experience

My baby was born with ABS. His left hand has a fully developed thumb, his pinky was underdeveloped but made length but his three middle fingers remained webbed. This was not detected in any of my ultrasounds so it was a shock to see this when he was born. I spent/spend days crying feeling like I did something wrong.

He can use his hand. Not like the right hand but he works with what he has. I accept the things I cannot change. I pray he will not have to deal with bullying in his future which is what worries me the most.

One thought on “ABS experience

  1. Thanks for submitting your story. He will surprise and amaze you with his abilities. Evan’s left hand was affected by ABS. He plays piano and guitar and he types faster than I do.

    You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t blame yourself. And just look at those beautiful big eyes filled with happiness and wonder – he’s perfect!

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