ABS on babies toes

My beautiful baby girl was born with ABS on her three middle toes. She gave us quite a fright as I went to hospital for the 4th time with reduced movements. It was noticed that her heart rate was like she was in labour but I could feel no contractions.

The hospital decided that I should be induced as with the heart rate and episodes of reduced movement plus my previous history of a premature baby it would be better to get her out. After trying to induce me and that causing my womb to overstimulate, she stopped moving and her heart rate was dropping. They gave me an injection to reverse the induction and left me overnight to monitor me. In the morning her heart rate dropped to zero and an emergency team of people came rushing. Once stabilised they said it would be best to do a c section as on trying to break my waters her heart rate dropped again.

Once our baby was out and I was holding her I was so relieved that she was here and ok. It was then noticed by a nurse on the checkover that her three middle toes and her big toe were not quite formed. They diagnosed ABS and said that due to having her big toe and little toe that she would be ok to walk and crawl. She has had several hospital appointments to check her toes and monitor them. To me she is just who she is, but now she is getting older I’m aware that she may be subject to horrible comments and that scares me. I don’t want to feel like her foot should be covered but I don’t want people to be unkind to her, I just want to protect her. I want her to be able to wear sandals and go swimming and I want her to know that she’s perfect to us.

I feel like if I hide her foot so no one sees then that could cause more psychological damage than just being open about it. But then I think what if when she’s older she wishes I hadn’t have let everyone in our small town see her foot or for them to know about it? That is what I’m struggling with. I see babies in rompers with bare feet and I feel like her foot should be out too but I just want to make the best decision for her. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and any support or comments would be most welcome.