Andrew David’s ABS Story

Andrew David is 9 months old and he was born missing his right hand and forearm from below his elbow joint. I found out when I was having an ultrasound for the first time there was a possibility that my baby boy might not have a right hand. They sent me to a maternal fetal doctor in Wichita Kansas and it was then I found out my son was in fact missing his arm from the bottom of his elbow down. They told me it was really good that he had a elbow joint. But I could not see any good in anything at all. I was hysterical.

I was not going to give up my child, but was not sure what to expect. I was also scared because I heard in some causes of this birth defect it could affect the major organs of your child. Even though they said it was more likely a isolated event it did not comfort me for the remaining months. I went into preterm labor due to other factors in my eight month. I was very scared my child would be born not breathing or with a major organ not working properly. The nurses brought an incubator into the room and warned me of the danger of my situation. I was not sure what to expect.

Andrew was born breathing normally and after further tests I was informed he was perfectly healthy and he was released with me the next day from the hospital. I am so happy to have my Andrew and I do not know what I would do without him. Andrew David is beautiful and is loved by everyone who knows him.