Ashley’s ABS story

Hi…I have a three month old son who was born missing all toes except for his big toe on his right foot and three toes on his left foot. The day he was born the nurse took him to clean him off and I was over joyed at the thought of being a new mom. Soon the nurse came over without my son and told me that he had something wrong with his feet. All I felt at that moment was my heart drop to the floor because everything I was hoping for my child came crashing to the ground….one minute you are pushing and can’t wait to see that happy healthy baby and the next you find out there is something wrong with them and the whole world you live in comes crashing to the floor.

When the nurse brought him over to me and showed me his feet I immediately started to cry and all these questions came into my head in a matter of seconds…..”Why me god?”, “What did i do to deserve this?” “will he lead a normal life?” “How will I get through this?”. I must have cried for a good hour with my family around me telling me it would be okay but I didn’t hear them all I could see in my mind was the picture of his feet and my heart was full of grief at what I did wrong.

The doctors had no real explanation for why my son was born this way and just told me he would be okay. That is not really what I wanted to hear…I know my son will be okay because he was born this way and won’t know the difference and I will teach him he is a normal child but my concern was how will I be strong, how will I get him through this?

Finding your website and reading these stories has helped me tremendously. I had no idea what my son had or if others had similar problems. I had my son at 18 years old and with the difficulty of being a teen mom along with the fact that my child is different it is hard to get through each day. I would love to be a part of your website and read these stories and talk to these people and see how they got through it as well as share my story to those who have children with this problem in the future.

Thank you,
Ashley Rogers

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  1. Hi there, my beautiful baby boy was born on 28 Jan 2013 with all of his toes amputated due to ABS. I am trying to link up with as many moms as possible to learn more about the condition and getting our precious boy through it all. I’d love to spk to u via mail if at all possible ( forward to hearing from u!

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