Ashton’s story

I gave birth to my son Ashton in April 2010 , I instantly knew something was wrong because both nurses became extremely quiet & called the Dr. over to where Ashton was.

Turns out he was born missing his left hand due to Abs. He does have small digits on his left hand, he was born with five but his pinky fell off around age 2 due to an infection. When Ashton was first born I wondered what I did wrong.  I  kept his hand covered but my family (two aunts in particular) uncovered it and helped me accept it. Now Ashton is a very active 3yr old!

I make sure I allow him to figure things out on his own. He’s starting to understand that his hand is different but that still doesn’t stop him from doing anything that other children do or making friends. I’m very blessed and thankful for Ashton !