my baby boy – Alexzander’s Story

Alexzander was born on Sept 15th, 2014 my birthday as well. Up until delivery all we knew was we were having a healthy baby boy. Alex was taken by c-section @ 312am. He was beautiful and perfect. They immediately took him over to the table and cleaned him up.

The nurses showed his father and his father whispered in my ear that alex hands and feet were deformed. I was so out of it from the epidural that I passed out. When I woke I was handed my baby boy. His hands and feet were affected. His left hand the thumb was free and the pinky was free the rest were tied in a band. His index finger was gone down to a nub. His middle finger had a band on it which was gonna fall off soon. It was very red and swollen. He had surgery 9 days after he was born and they were able to save the tip of his middle finger. He had a band on the ring finger as well. On his right hand his fingers are curved a little bit and his ring finger is permanently bent, due to a band holding it down. He was also born with a club foot for his left foot and his right foot is normal except his first two toes are syndactaly or fused together then he is missing his fourth toe.

I held my baby sitting alone and cried. I had so many questions wanting to know why and how this happened. I was worried my baby wouldn’t be able to use his hands or even walk. However now he runs and can throw a ball. Never underestimate what they can do they only know with what they have. He never knew any different. I love him more than he will ever know.

He has several surgeries on his hands and left foot. He is having surgery on Tuesday on his left foot again as now he has been diagnosed with congenital vertical talus. So now they will fix his foot again ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. My son was born in December 2014 with amniotic band syndrome affecting his left foot and some toes and fingers on his right foot and hand. The band on his left foot caused hIm to have vertical talus as well. You’re the only other VT from amniotic band I’ve found.

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