Berkley’s ABS Story

My daughter Berkley Lauren Harmon was born without her left hand on November 7, 2005. She was also part of a twin that passed when I was almost 3 months pregnant.

My initial reaction was extreme shock, hurt, pain, and denial. I was a complete mess. I cried for almost 4 months. I didn’t understand what happened. I never used drugs, smoked or anything. Why Me? I asked. I realized that there is no answer.

Now, 14 months later, I am thrilled to have my baby. My emotions are under control and I can’t imagine my life without this beautiful precious baby. She is the best!! She does everything!!! She is a “normal” baby! I will never ask “why me” again. Why not me? is my mantra now. She deserves parents that will love and adore her unconditionally as we do!!