Blessings for Bryce

I gave birth to my son Bryce 13 days ago not aware of abs one bit. All the doctors could see on ultrasound was that his left leg was swollen. No bands could be seen.

All four of his limbs were affected, his left side being the least affected. On his left hand, all four of his fingers are fused together and his thumb is left out but it is noticeable that the band was wrapped around that as well because there is an indention. His left leg is the most severe of them all.

He had surgery on day 3 of life because his fibula and tibia bones were broken due to the banding. His bones were saved and now we’re working on getting the swelling down and blood circulation. Leech therapy and compression dressing are the two methods that were being used at the time. The leech therapy is working very well. His leg is almost down to the size of his regular sized right leg. At this present time we’re trying to get the coloring of the bottom of his foot to turn normal. It has a bluish tint to it. On his right side, all fingers are present and separate from one another. There are a couple that have abnormal finger nails and his leg and foot are fine. All toes are present and separate from each other, just short and not fully developed out in length. Bryce was also born with cleft lip and palate. Don’t believe that was caused from banding because his face is too adorable and perfect.

I am going to encourage my son that he is capable of doing anything and everything that he wants and sets his mind to. Giving him every chance and opportunity there is.

I’m a first time young mom so if any other experienced moms wouldn’t mind throwing me some advice and tips on how you managed to remain sane while your baby stayed in the hospital if it did please feel free to email me. It’s getting rough.

Thank you