Brooke Elizabeth’s Story

I had never heard of ABS until May 18th, 2005. When my 6th child was affected by it on her left hand. She has all five fingers but they look like they did when I was 2mths pregnant just as they start to bud.

I started spotting when I was 2mths pregnant and off and on for about three weeks I spotted it felt as if I was cramping for my menstrual cycle then it stopped and I carried her almost to my due date which was June 1st. She weighed 6lbs 9 oz. and was 20 inches long.Very BEAUTIFUL little girl and we all are very proud of her. We see her as a blessing because her Daddy had a vasectomy done after we had our 5th child which we always said we wanted 5. We then had 4 girls and our boy and the Lord BLESSED us with our sweet baby girl and he made her extra special just for us.

We have an appointment on June 27th with a rehab Dr. I don’t have a clue what will come of that I am new to all of this. I really think they should give this type of info to pregnant women just so they would have heard of it I know this is very rare but, like I said I had never heard of it. Even if they could have told me with my ultrasound it wouldn’t have changed anything cuz, I really thought I was gonna miscarry. Thank the good Lord above he let us keep little Miss. Brooke.

Thanks for letting us share our little blessing with you all .