Brooklyn’s ABS Story

My daughter Brooklyn who is 3 now was born with no right hand, like many people on here my wife and I had never heard of ABS. When she was born there was an initial shock that I think most people who have children born with a physical deformity. We had no idea from any ultrasound that she was going to be born with no hand, so needless to say we shocked. I did not really know what to expect, you have so many questions, and there really aren’t allot of answers out there. I guess questions about her life and how it will be, I had never really known anybody that had a physical deformity. As she gets older I see there is really nothing she can’t do, she just figures stuff out, its pretty amazing to watch her figure stuff out. She has always done that, from crawling to holding things, to putting socks and shoes on.

As time progresses with Brooklyn my wife and I get see the good and bad in alot of people, even though she is only 3. We have seen some strange things from parents and kids at parks etc, parents taking there kids away from Brooklyn because they don’t want to have to explain things to their own children. As Brooklyn gets older she now talks to kids about herself telling them that God made her special, she so far has built up a little defense mechanism that is sad to see, but I guess she is going to need. My wife and myself usually watch her pretty close, and we help when we can, when kids start teasing her , etc. But for the most part she’s has done remarkably well doing it on her own, and she is so smart that outwits most kids anyway. She does amazingly well, she climbs all over everything at home, park, wherever, I call her my little monkey. So far our lives with Brooklyn have brought us nothing but joy and amazement. Brooklyn nows goes to preschool, and is head over heals above the other students in her age group. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or just need advice.