Bryant’s ABS Story

I am a mother of a 15 year old who was born in June of 1991. My husband was stationed in Scweinfurt Germany. Our pregnancy was very normal. I felt great. I have asthma and had to take prednisone throughout my pregnancy to breathe. Back then the ultra sounds were not as good as they are today. The army only authorized one at 4 months. I was very happy to see the heart and everything seeming normal. And maybe it was then but When he was born he had amniotic band syndrome on his left hand and left foot.

I was very upset. I felt I had done something wrong that maybe it was the steroids I had taken but told myself that it was either that or neither one of us would be able to breath. Well, Back then the doctors did not know what it was. They called in several doctors —most of whom did not speak English. Both my husband and I were very nervous and scared.

Bryant had surgery at 4 months old. He came out fine. There is scarring and he has little feeling in the pointer finger which was most severe. He does not have much feeling in his palm either. And his thumb is missing a bone and is kinda short due to the bands. There is some deforming of the hand and his left foot is webbed. His left foot is not as bad as his hand but still required surgery. He also had a band on his ankle but did not require surgery and is still there today. It is most of the way around his ankle. He had casts on both arm and leg and the looks we got were comical now when we remember back, but then I felt like a horrible parent. There was absolutely no information on ABS back then and even the doctors were unclear and had little information to give us. There were no computers of course. So we decided to just treat him normal and we figured he would be fine since it was from birth.

Now, he is a sophomore in High school and plays football and wrestles and is quite normal. I do not think of this much as I thought there was still not very much info on ABS, but recently my friend read a book and ABS was mentioned in it so she looked it up on the internet. I am thankful to God that the site has made my son realize it could have been much worse than it is, he was tired of being teased but now feels better. I am also glad to find out it was not my fault. I have always felt a little guilty, So thank you for your site!!