Chad, Our Little Warrior

First, I would like to thank every person who takes time to read Chad’s story. Chad was born on May 27, 2012 and we didn’t know that he was affected by ABS. He had 3 fingers on each hand and for those who are missing, he had half of them. I’m sorry for my english, we are french Canadian and we come from Montréal, Québec. Immediately after birth my first reaction was that it wasn’t important because I already love him so much. He is my perfect little boy and me and his father will support him in each step of his life. We are so glad that he’s there with us. We are blessed. Chad is unique! Nothing can stop him.

We are so proud to be his parents and we thank god for giving us this little angel!

In this picture, it’s Chad and his grand father. We took this picture this summer. One of those beautiful moment in family.