Christopher’s ABS Story

My son Christopher was born on February 18th 2004. I knew he was perfect before I even saw him. As they were cleaning him after delivery I looked over at him and saw that on his left hand that his middle and ring fingers looked like toes, and that his pinky and pointer were a little smaller than the fingers on his right hand. I asked my husband why is his hand that way, and all Mike could say was there is nothing wrong honey he is beautiful.

The nurses explained to me that he had a case of ABS. I had no idea what this was and all I could think and am still trying to get over is “my poor baby”. Did I wrong him somehow during my pregnancy? Will he be able to use his hand? Will kids make fun of him? We don’t notice it anymore, he is such a wonderful baby and he is just beautiful. I keep telling myself that God made Christopher this way for a reason. Maybe to teach us some humility or maybe . … well I don’t know.

My 6 year old came up to us and said that he was going to be calling Christopher, Nemo, I asked him why and he said because Nemo has one small fin and one big fin, just like his brother. I cried that day. I guess I am looking for some support because I want to shelter Christopher from the ignorance in the world, when people ask me, is he going to be normal? Or they say, oh that poor baby, or worse when they say you poor people. Christopher is normal and we most certainly are ok. We are very blessed. He has his first appointment on June 1st with a genetics specialist at Children’s Hospital up in Seattle. I am anxious to hear what he has to say and what he projects for Christopher’s hand. I have read all of the stories on this site and they all are a big dose of comfort and inspiration to me. Thank you.