Colton’s story

This story is about my little boy, Colton.  When I was 20 weeks pregnant, my doctor wanted to do a sonogram because I was having problems with my blood pressure.  The sonogram showed something was wrong with one of Colton’s hands. Because I had a brother that was born with webbed fingers, we thought that was what we was wrong with Colton. We had another sonogram done at 36 weeks and nothing had changed, my doctor had still not said anything about amniotic band syndrome. 

Colton was born at 38 weeks. He weighed 8 lbs. One of the first things I noticed was his hand.  I was thankful that he was perfect even with his hand.  My husband and I had discussed many times the challenges he would face. Each time, my heart would break. But then I realized God made him that way for a purpose. I don’t know why but I know that he is perfect and whatever challenges he may face because of his hand God will be with him.

He is six now and wants to play baseball with the other kids. We haven’t figured out how to make that work yet but we will.  If anyone has any ideas, please share. He is smart, funny, outgoing, and never quits trying. I love him so much!!!

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  1. Hmm… I have seen people post on this site that they have played sports and adapted. I have also seen that they are doing stuff with prosthesis. I am missing a few fingers on my left hand, and sometimes have trouble holding large glasses or something with it, my grip isn’t so good. I mostly just work around it. But I have never much been into sports. Try looking at some of these other posts and email some of these people. They are all very willing to help. Your little boy is beautiful.

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