Dalaynie’s ABS Story

Hi, my name is Lisa and my daughter Dalaynie was born on June 19, 2000 with Amniotic Band Syndrome.  This is our story……..

On November 7, 1999 (my husbands birthday) I found out that I was pregnant with our fourth child.  We were thrilled to say the least.  I had a very easy pregnancy with no complications what so ever.  She was very active the whole pregnancy.  I had morning sickness the first trimester, but that was normal.

Around week 20 in the pregnancy we had an ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby.  We didnt prefer one over the other since we already had twin girls that were almost 3 and a boy that was almost 2.  We just wanted to know so we could prepare.  We found out that we were having a girl and we were told that everything looked good.  She moved all over during the whole ultrasound and the ultrasound tech even told us that she was sucking her thumb because her right arm was up to her mouth and it appeared that she was sucking.  She was right on schedule with her weight and growth.

Our baby girl was due on June 29, 2000.  Since I had already had two c-sections the doctor said that we would just schedule another and that we could pick the day that we wanted her to be born.  We choose June19, 2000.  My mother and husband were in the operating room during the c-section.  I had requested before the operation that when she was delievered I be the first to hold her and I wanted to do so before she was cleaned up.  The doctor said that was fine and that my mother could cut the cord because my husband doesnt handle blood very well. After the cord was cut she was to be handed to me.  My reason for asking that was that when i had the twins it was an emergency c-section and I was put to sleep and by the time i woke everyone had seen and held them and with my son my husband held him and I wanted to be the first to hold my baby girl and have that special moment.

The minute our baby girl was born my mom cut the cord and the pediatrician took her over to the side instead of giving her to me.  I knew right then something was wrong.  I kept asking what was wrong and everyone kept saying nothing….everything was fine they said.  I knew better, I was crying and I kept saying whats wrong.  Finally the pediatrician looked over at me and said ” she only has one hand”.  I will never forget that moment. I cried even harder.  I was devastated,  I didnt understand.  I did everything by the book.  It was the perfect pregnancy.  What went wrong?   I was in denial.

After they took me to my room my whole family came in and my dad told the nurse to bring the baby in.  I was so scared and afraid that I had done something to hurt my baby but couldnt figure out what I had done.  The doctor and nurse came in with my baby girl and handed her to me. She looked absolutely perfect to me and was so beautiful.  They told me that i didnt do anything and that she had amniotic band syndrome.  We had no idea what thta was, we ahd never heard of it.

Dalaynie was missing everything below the wrist on her right arm.  Other than that she was fine.

Dalaynie did everything right on schedule if not ahead of time.  The pushed herself up on her arm, held her bottle, dressed herself and even learned to tie her shoes two days after she started kindergarten.

Dalaynie is now a very happy and healthy six year old with no set backs.  She is very smart and excels in school.  She has a tremendous amount of friends and does very well.  Her favorite activities are riding her bike without training wheels, cheering and playing t-ball.  Dalaynie has chosen to not have a prosthesis, but is set at Shriners if she ever decides that she wants one.

I would also like to add that we went on to have two more children.  We have a total of six and Dalaynie was the only one affected by ABS.

Thank you for letting us share our story;

John, Lisa, and Dalaynie