Dionne’s ABS Story


Dionne was born on March 9th 2000, after a very complicated pregnancy, I was 20 years old expecting my first child, My baby was due on the 25th of May 2000. At 20 wks gestation I experienced headaches and numbness this started 2 months into my pregnancy with other symptoms severe backache the passing of water and I became violently ill, this continued for the rest of my pregnancy but my ob/gyn were not concerned. I attended the early pregnancy assessment unit because I was bleeding 3 months into pregnancy no obvious cause for bleeding they insisted my baby girl was fine. At 26wks+ 6 days I was reviewed at Queen Mother’s Hospital I was admitted with pv bleeding and spontaneous rupture of membranes and decreased fluid volume. I received antenatal steroids for my baby’s lungs and 2 wks later Dionne was born by emergency caesarean section. My baby girl was born in poor condition her heart rate was


At birth Dionne had multiple congenital amputations caused by amniotic bands. She had amputation of the left leg through the mid shaft of the tibia. The leg and foot was actually delivered with Dionne at c-section. She is also missing the right great toe and the left little finger there is a constriction band of the right ring finger too, I was so devastated I couldn’t believe what I did so wrong for this too happen to my little baby girl. It was very sad time for me and the family too we couldn’t understand what went wrong, I must say that the nurses and doctors did not handle the emotional aspects of it very well. The pediatrician and midwife that I had were so insensitive to the feelings and shock I was flooded with after finding out my little angel’s leg was missing and would she ever be able to walk. I was so hurt not for myself but for Dionne she didn’t do anything to anyone why her? I wasn’t able to take it in or cry for weeks I was in total shock, and no one could adequately explain to me why my baby’s leg came out with her at birth.


Dionne is now 6 years old. She is a beautiful blue eyed blonde and so talkative and very active nothing holds Dionne back she can do everything that any other kid can do. Dionne was fitted with a prosthesis leg at the age of 6 months so she could crawl and my little angel was walking at year old nothing stopped Dionne – she makes me happy. Dionne is a gift that God gave me for some reason and He made a good choice because she has a special place in everyone’s heart.

It was hard for me my first baby and her leg was missing but now I wouldn’t want her any other way she wouldn’t be Dionne, She does ask questions and sometimes it hurts really bad but she’s not different from any other kids never will be. She’s my special girl who keeps me on my toes all the time and she doesn’t take notice of any small minded people it’s water off a ducks back to Dionne. If any child was to ask about Dionne’s leg she will tell them and wouldn’t think twice. I am not ashamed nor am I embarrassed about my daughter! Not one bit. She is the happiest girl ever full of love and laughter always.

Dionne we love you millions and nothing could ever replace you my little angel xxxx