Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth was born on March 11th, 2007. She was born missing part of her fingers on her right hand. She has a thumb, but it is much thicker than her other hand. Her other four fingers are curled and very short. I had no idea that anything was wrong with my baby until she was born.

She came one month early, to the day, and as I was on the operating table, my husband came back to me after seeing Elizabeth for the first time. He had a look of worry on his face, but I was too busy trying not to panic as they finished working on me. The nurse asked my husband if he had told me about her little hand. I became very scared at that moment as the thought of something being wrong with her had really never crossed my mind. We spent the night in the hospital without a clue of what was wrong with her and after our doctor’s short explanation of the cause the next morning, did not feel much better.

I came home and researched ABS and found this website. It really did help me to learn of others experiences with this, and came to the conclusion that her little hand was not so bad. She is now a year and a half and uses her hand well. Sometimes she is slowed down because of her missing fingers, but she is never defeated. I know that she will find some hurdles to climb because of this, but I now know she will thrive. It was very hard at first knowing there was something wrong with my little angel, but it does get easier. This is who she is and it will only make her stronger. I have read some of the stories of the triumphs that some have made and believe that they have made them partly because they were born with ABS. I recently found out that Kristy Yamaguchi was born with club feet. It did not slow her down, nor will a little hand slow my daughter down. She is a happy beautiful little girl and I could not have asked for anything more. I love her and her little hand is just as it is suppose to be.