Geet’s ABS Story

The day for which I was waiting since a long time , come true on 07th Feb 2012. It was a long journey … to have my sweet little angel in my hand.

It was early morning 05.17 AM when I was blessed with little sweet girl “GEET”. For me it was and is the most beautiful moment of my life …. this moment was going to change my life forever… for initial 2 days I have just saw the face of baby , Since it was Winter Season so hand and foot of my Geet was covered using soft woolen gloves and socks. But I was having some feeling inside that there is something wrong with my health condition but on 3rd day I came to know that God was bit unfair with my little girl …. I started crying … it was very painful moment… I asked my husband to show me baby’s hand and foot and when I saw my little angel … I thought why it is done with us… God would have make me crippled but not to my child. I have never done any wrong with anybody but why God gave punishment to us.

But when I saw my little angel’s face… I started feeling happy … She is now my life. God have given us a chance to take care my child and we all should accept it. My baby was smiling …and keep on smiling … I was fortunate enough to have baby …. Which i desired all over my life.

My baby was suffering from “Amniotic Band Syndrome” . It was the first time when heard about this word. My Geet was having the ‘Constrictions Ring’ all over the body. Due to Amniotic Band the distal phalanges of right fingers of my baby are absent and all fingers are deformed and in rudimentary forms. The thumb was attached to the fingers. Whereas the left hand of my baby is very beautiful having no deformity at all.

Sometime I think my baby has suffered a lot inside my womb, fighting hard for his evolution but she has not given up… she is fighter .. in due fight she lost her fingers, constricted palm, constricted toe in right foot, a big constriction ring in left arm but she survived above all.

Immediately after we consulted local pediatrician and plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeon suggested that the thumb may be detached from rest of fingers but hand would never the same even after surgery. He advised me to approach “Ganga Hospital , Coimbatore, India”. We visited the hospital in 4th month after birth , the plastic surgeon there assured us that they will definitely make the hand functional. The thumb was detached from fused fingers. Rest of the surgery would be performed after one year.

The purpose of my blog is to share the upbringing of my child with other users who are facing the similar problems with their child and to share the feelings with each other. I know it is very hard to believe that your child is suffering from Aminiotic Band Syndrome. The most difficult part is the upbringing of the child so that he/she should accepted as normal child in society and granted equal opportunities.


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  1. Can u plz tell in detail about this surgery .in which year it can be done

  2. Can you please let me know how did the surgery go? I need more details. If you don’t mind please drop me an email.

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