Gift’s ABS Story

Her name is Gift. Stella, Gift’s Mum, says: “Immediately after she was born, we saw this little girl as a Gift from God.” Gift is three. Her foot is severely turned in as a club foot, and is already hard and roughly scarred. The fingers on one hand are almost gone, on the other they are deformed. Above Gift’s right knee, the flesh is constricted, as if pulled tight by a rubber band. Tell tale Amniotic Band syndrome. When you see Gift bravely walk on the stump of her foot, you see determination and persistence. And cleverness. Although Gift can hardly hold her pencil, and though she is only three, already she can writer her A, B, C. And she’s so full of life.

Stella is proud of her daughter. “I saw the problems,” says Stella, “I wasn’t happy, but I have hope that one day the problems will be solved.” To have the club foot straightened would require surgery. The knee injury would require a skin graft. “I will be very happy and very grateful if someone would help my child.” Says Stella. She herself has run out of money. Even though her family and neighbours gathered around her, now there is no more money. The operation to repair the club foot takes about 45 minutes, and then requires months of post-operative follow up with POP (Plaster of Paris) treatment. “If Gift doesn’t receive help, no-one will take care of her except me and my father.” Explains Stella. Stella’s love for Gift is overwhelming, and she will do anything to provide care.

“Gift complains,” says Stella, “my brother’s leg is better than my own.” With help, Gift will achieve the best she can. “My wish is for Gift to be a nurse.” Stella says with a smile. “A gift to many.”

Thanks to the work of CBM (now Hope and Healing International) Gift will receive the medical care she needs. There are other children, whose parents aren’t as loving and supportive as Stella is. Parents who simply cannot cope who, ashamed of their disabled child, lock their children away, hidden in a dark room at the back of a hut, forgotten. The Forgotten Children Rescue Fund has been set up to extend medical care to these children. Please consider sponsoring a child’s treatment.