A grandmother’s love for her granddaughter Kajinee.

I just want to say I’m very blessed to have experienced the birth of my now 5 yrs old granddaughter Kajinee. My daughter was told from her doctors about her baby left hand. She said to be mommy I didn’t care it’s just her hand. So she delivered her baby girl. She was 4.5lbs so little smaller than a premmie. We didn’t care we just prayed and loved her unconditionally. So as we knew she will be born with amniotic band syndrome we were kind of prepared.

Her mom got on the case with her occupational therapy when Kajinee turned 1 yrs old . That was one of the greatest things she did . Early is best so your child (children) can receive the help they need. She have learn how to grasp small objects as marbles, buttons etc. Also zipping her clothing, button her clothing and dress herself. With the help of her therapist we are working on tying her shoes. Her academics are above level, and we’re grateful for that.

We encourage parents and love one to allow their children, nieces or nephews to reach higher and know they can do and be anything they want to be. As we tell our Kajinee. Thank you.