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amniotic band syndrome

It all started on the 5th July 2009. I was born with a condition called amniotic constriction bands. This happens when you are in your mum’s tummy and bands randomly wrap around your body. The worst case scenario is your limbs could be chopped off. Luckily, this did not happen to me although on my left hand half my thumb was chopped off, my right hand was more severe because all of my fingers were fused together and a few bits were cut off.

Thankfully, the doctor’s were kind enough to give me 2 operations as a baby to separate my fingers. Unfortunately, it also affected my left foot, I had a club foot and it made all my toes fuse together just like my right hand except for my big toe, although I may never get an operation on my foot I don’t think it will affect my life too much.

If my luck wasn’t bad enough already, I was also born with a congenital knee dislocation and after major surgery, at 3 months old I am now only able to bend my left knee to 90 degrees. This affects my PE in school because when we are told to bend our knees I simply can’t. Now I am 8 years old and I still have many operations to come, but I will continue to remain positive and try to do everything to the best of my ability.

By Harry – Age 8

One thought on “Harry – My Story

  1. Harry,
    Remember you are special and no one else is exactly like you.
    I am 74 years old and have 2 fingers, a toe missing and my entire right side is smaller and shorter than the left side. Yes people may make you feel different but only you can make your self feel less than you really are.
    Keep a good attitude and remember in a positive way. Harry is a very special guy.

    Merry Christmas Harry.
    Dave Grant

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