Haylee’s ABS Story

I was a high risk pregnancy because I was only 4 foot 8 inches tall but beside that my pregnancy was normal. I had a very healthy pregnancy and was very happy to be pregnant again with my second child. I had many visits to the doctors office and many ultra sounds and never once did we notice the amniotic band.

I went in for my Dr. visit 5 days before my scheduled C-section. The Dr. said I was dilated 2 centimeters and sent me to the hospital to have Haylee that night. Haylee was born C-section on a wonderful Thursday in September 2001 and the only thing I heard the Dr. say was she has a hand change. I had no idea what they were talking about and when they brought her to see me she was bundled up and I could not see anything wrong. I had to have surgery after the C-section so I did not get to see Haylee right away. When I was able to see her I remember the first thing I thought of was oh she is perfect. 10 fingers does not make you perfect because she had five and was just as perfect. She has a full wrist and small palm and 5 small nubs on her left hand.

God has been in our lives before Haylee was born but now that she is in our lives our family is Centered around God and doing his work. Haylee is still my perfect angel from above. She has done everything that a normal 10 finger child has done and then some. She is so amazing to watch. Haylee is so full of God that it amazes me everyday. She will tell you that God made her that way because He has told her he has big plans for her and I believe her.

She as always been right on time for doing things or ahead of time. She potty trained herself at a very young age. She was walking by her first birthday and even at that she just stood up and walked off. She talks crystal clear and is smart for her age. She loves to ride her four wheeler and will do anything the other kids are doing. She does the monkey bars with out a problem and the strength she has is amazing. Haylee is now 5 and completed her first year of school and smarter then a whip. Haylee has begun making bracelets out of glass beads and you just have to look at them to believe the job she is doing. Haylee is so wonderful and she is determined to show the world God’s love and that she can do all things through Him who strengthens us. In order to do this she has began making jewelry.