Holly’s ABS Story

Hello, my name is Alice. I live in the UK and I am the young Mum of Holly…

We first found out about Holly having ABS, a few hours after she was born on the 30th June 2007. My midwives had never heard of it.. We did not expect anything and nothing had appeared on the scans. It was a total shock. We were sent to our nearest hospital a few hours later (because I had Holly at home)and basically when we got there that’s all that they said really. I was given no information so had to look it up on the internet myself. I got asked had I bled during the pregnancy, which I had in the 6th month but was told it was ”old blood”. A week before having Holly, I noticed she wasn’t moving around as actively as she had been earlier through the pregnancy, so was sent to the hospital to check for her heart beat (which was fine) and also noticed she was not growing as well as she should be, I had to have another scan because they were worried she wasn’t getting enough food from the umbilical cord. After that scan, everything was fine..

I put it down to Holly not kicking as well because the banding was restricting her and the same with the banding around the umbilical cord…

Holly was affected by ABS on her right hand, she has a smaller index finger, her left hand 3 fingers fused together, 3 toes that were attached by banding but have now split, on Holly’s other foot 2 toes are still fused together and a deep line around her ankle where the banding cut deep, and nearly cut off the circulation.

We are now waiting for an appointment, and Holly’s fingers, toes and her ankle are all going to be done under the same anesthetic.

At the moment Holly is using her hands brilliantly and is going through the grabbing stage, hair pulling, scramming, grabbing the remote.. She can also hold her own dummy and bottle also… so proud of her…….

if anybody wants to mail me, feel free ….