Janessa’s Story

My baby girl was born 1 week late… on 8-01-2014. I went in already dilated 4 cm … after 7 hrs of labor my baby was born.

When I saw the midwife pulling her out and handing her to the nurse I noticed something was wrong with one hand… I asked my husband to look at our baby’s hand something is not right. He went and looked and said, “everything is okay”. I said “no, look again!” But he was so happy seeing our little one for the first time that he didn’t realize anything.

I asked the nurse can you please check both hands before she put her on. She responded, “you have a good eye”…that broke my heart. I knew I was right. I just cried my eyes out non-stop asking myself what did I do wrong. I was in a bad depression for 1 month but I understand she’s my special little girl – my 6th baby was my miracle baby.

I love her so much. It’s still sad, but she’s my special star.