Jayden’s story

This is my daughter Jayden’s birth story. She was born on July 4th 2012. Her original due date was August 10th.

My doctors discovered that she had two bands wrapping around her, one around her right arm and another around her left ankle. I had to go in for an emergency c-section. If I would have waited and had Jayden full term she would have lost her right arm and her left foot. Jayden had to spend 22 days in Detroit children’s hospital in the NICU.

We are now almost 7 years since then. Jayden is thriving and doesn’t let her disability stop her. Her right hand is noticeably smaller than her left, and her left foot is two shoe sizes smaller than her right.

Jayden has realized that she can’t tie her shoes, or ride a bike, along with many other obstacles. We are currently trying for the fifth time to get her on disability. We go every year to Shriners Hospital for children in Chicago.

This year they plan on doing a surgery on her right hand so she will be able to use her thumb. In her current state Jayden cannot bend her right thumb and she cannot make a fist with her right hand. The surgery this year will be to take a tendon from her right index finger and wrap it around the palm of her hand and attach it to the base of her thumb. This is so, after physical and occupational therapy, she will be able to bend her thumb when she moves her index finger.