Jay’s Story

Hello! My name is Taylor, and I’m Jay’s mother. In November 2015 I found out I was pregnant. We were excited and anxious like most first time parents are. We found out (early) that we were having a little boy! We had a pretty uneventful pregnancy up until our anatomy scan. At our anatomy scan we were told they found an extra membrane near our baby boys head and referred us to a specialist. We met with the specialist who told us he had Amniotic Band Syndrome.

The doctor told us his hands were not opening and he could not tell if he had fingers. This was of course shocking to me but not the end of the world. He then informed me that the bands were also on the umbilical cord causing cord constriction and near the face which could potentially lead to skull deformation and brain damage. Of course this news absolutely broke my heart. This doctor recommended termination of the pregnancy but we knew we had to give our baby a chance.

When looking up what ABS was I actually found this page. It was very comforting to see other moms whose kids had this same condition. We drove twice weekly to a hospital 3 hours away to see a team who believed in giving our baby a chance also. Jay was monitored very closely due to the cord being constricted. I was then admitted into the hospital at 28 weeks and stayed until we delivered our baby at 32 weeks. On May 20,2016 our precious baby boy was born!

Jay was in the NICU a month and got to come home to us June 14,2016. He is now a big, healthy, chunky 6 month old with both hands effected due to ABS. He has his first hand surgery to separate fingers on the right hand December 2016.

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  1. Am name is Bessy my son was born without his left hand fingers.i love him so much am not stressed with his condition but if i can get help i will highly appreciate.

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