Jocelynn’s ABS Story

Jocelynn Breanne Curlis was born on April 25th, 2006 at St. Peters Hospital in Lacey, WA. Her father and I were so glad to meet our wonderful daughter as soon as she came out of my womb. There seemed to be a problem that everyone seemed to notice. She didn’t look like the other babies that most every doctor or parent sees in their baby. She was missing four fingers on her left hand and two on her right. As well as some minor problems with her toes.

The doctors had no explanation for this. They had never seen this before. It was very confusing for my family and I. First things first..we dealt with it and loved her no matter what. Pediatricians came to look at her in my stay at the hospital and told me that they “thought” it might be ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome). The pediatricians suggested I make an appointment at Children’s Hospital. They thought the doctors there may know something about my daughters condition and could give me some answers.

When Jocelynn was about four weeks old, My mother and I took a two hour drive up to Seattle to meet with a doctor. They gave me more concrete information and told me that it was definitely ABS. They reassured me that it wasn’t my fault and I was going to be a good mother to her no matter if she had ABS or not.

I am currently waiting until Jocleynn is for when she is nine-twelve months, So we’ll be able to fix the severe problems with her fingers and toes. For now, I hope that this plan will go through and I will get as much help as possible.