Karl Akl with One hand

He will conquer the world with one hand

I will conquer the world with ONE hand.

Karl Akl born on November 26 in Lebanon, Beirut with his left hand missing due to ABS. We (Karl parents) did not know about his missing hand during the 9 months of pregnancy.

On the day he was born at 9:35am Karl’s dad was holding the camera and taking a video when he noticed the hand but didn’t show any surprise in order not to inform Karl’s mom directly. Doctor and nurses were all surprised and were afraid how to tell the mom.

When they decided to inform her soon after he was born, of course she was surprised and was extremely sad but when she asked to hold Karl, he was like an angel full of Joy and holding his missing hand and kissing it as if he was assuring her that he will be a strong boy without his left hand and that he likes it this way.

Karl is an energetic boy with full of joy and happiness and he is giving joy and positive vibes to all his family and friends. He is known as the most sociable baby who smiles for everyone.

We will make sure he will not need his left hand during his life journey and that he will achieve great work without it.

Manal (Karl’s mom)

3 thoughts on “Karl Akl with One hand

  1. He’s so handsome and such a happy baby. Keep up the good work! My son mason was born with abs affecting his left fingers and toes. He’s the most amazing boy.

  2. He is a perfect handsome boy and his loving heart will conquer the world. We love u so much little boy and are very proud of you

  3. Couple of people who knew about this felt sad and hopeless. People’s first thoughts are dark, some wished the mother knew before and some thought about his future iife. Will he be Happy? Will we see him smile?? Karl is not like any other baby boy. He gave a lesson to the world when he was born. Never give up on ur dream. Be yourself. Love yourself. Love life. Life will love you back. Be thankful for waht you have…Karl’s proud aunty Chanty!

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