Lawrence’s ABS story

Lawrence was born on July 23, 2010 without left forearm and hand. After we came to himself, after I began to accept the idea, I looked to see what happened. None of our families do not show any abnormality of this kind, more than two brothers Lawrence has perfectly healthy. So what happened to our little boy hands hold?

After 10 scans including 4D and morpho-fetal physicians have noticed that is missing a big part of hands hold almost all were conducted in private practice of Dr. Mitranovici from Deva, a physician at the Hospital of Brad, who was born which kind of surprised and then said, “no lack of compassion as” not seen to be missing a big part of hands hold even suggested to us that we are not obliged to take it home in Lawrence. Maybe it would be that maternity hospitals in Romania specialized psychologists have to prepare both patients and families in special situations.

After 5 days I got home and I started looking for information on the Internet. Lots of questions ran through my head. Something was wrong with me? There are other children like him? How will use his hands hold? As will be seen by others? But the hardest question … .. Why? I finally found it’s ABS.

We know that for these problems specific to interfere with the exercise, which in our country hardly known. Unfortunately our financial situation does not allow us to do medical investigations abroad, as we want.

Lawrence now has 10 months is a little boy full of energy and is a joy in our lives. His beautiful smile that will tell us everything reusii and propose. We are amazed at how strong it is and how it adapts to do things his own way.

I’m so glad I found this site, and when my son will grow I will show him that there are many children like him.


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  1. Hi there, my beautiful baby boy was born on 28 Jan 2013 with all of his toes amputated due to ABS. I am trying to link up with as many moms as possible to learn more about the condition and getting our precious boy through it all. I’d love to spk to u via mail if at all possible ( forward to hearing from u!

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