My little princess with ABS

Hi there.

I am so glad that I have found this site concerning ABS.

I gave birth to my little girl on the 08 September 2016, it was a long and difficult pregnancy. The doctors were worried about the baby, because she was not growing well, each scan we went for, told us the same thing. Eventually doctors diagnosed my condition as IUGR.

She was born at 38 weeks and weighed 2.050 kg. We were so focused on the baby not growing well, that none of the gynaes we visited, picked up that the baby had 2 missing fingers on her right hand, both her index finger and her pinky finger.

When she was born, I will never forget that moment when the nurse came up to my gynae and said we have a problem, the baby has only three fingers on her right hand.I remember feeling happy and sad. happy at the thought of being a mother and sad because I thought I had done something wrong during the pregnancy. . .

She fought to come into this world when doctors kept on telling us, we needed to do an emergency c-sec to get her out of the womb, there was little hope of her surviving but she hung in there and was born naturally.

I felt weak and heartbroken, I knew her life growing up wouldn’t be easy, I felt like I would not be able to protect her. Having been a victim of bullying, my whole school life, I was scared for her, I knew children could be mean and heartless and they would pick on her for being different.

The unknown scared me, it still scares me, but its such a relief knowing that there are people out there who are also diagnosed with ABS, and they are living normal happy lives, and some are married and even have kids of their own and some day I’ll be able to show her this website, so she doesn’t feel alone and I hope it will make her a strong and courageous individual. She’s a little warrior and I know, with her feisty spirit she’ll be strong and she’ll be able to do everything a normal kid with all five fingers… She truly is our miracle baby!