Luis Otávio’s ABS Story

Luis Otávio was born on the 17th of October 2007. When I was five month pregnant I found out after doing an ultrasound that our “little prince” did not have part of his left arm (below elbow) and hand.

I could not believe that what I had just heard was about my son! My first thoughts were about anger and wanting to find an answer for what I have done to deserve this! It was month after month crying and trying to understand why!

After Luis Otávio was born, passed several weeks I finally looked at the situation in a different way. Even though he has this “problem” my husband and I love him very much. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him instantly. And as the days pass, our love for Luis Otávio only increases, we often forget about his arm.

He is such a sweet and happy boy, that we couldn’t ever think about Luis Otávio not being part of our lives.

He is definitely the most precious thing that could ever happen to us! We love him more than anything !!!!!