Luken’s ABS Story

My son Luken Edward was born on May 28th 2008 in Anniston, Alabama, he was missing the lower part of his left arm. It stops just below the elbow, he has little nubbins where his fingers may have started to grow before he was born.

The doctors told us they thought it was due to amniotic band syndrome, I had never heard of it before that. They were not sure it was because of ABS though. On all of the ultrasounds it was not seen, so we did not know until he was born. I had a c-section and did not see him for almost 3 hours after he was born & the doctors didn’t say anything about it. I was so upset when I found out. I worried about what he would be able to do and not do.

Since he has been born I have accepted it and couldn’t be happier, he is a wonderful baby. We took him to a limb deficiency clinic at the children’s hospital, they said he will get good use out of it and he does have an elbow joint. They are going to fit him for a prosthesis in February. He also has a therapist that comes to our home to work with him on using his arm. He is almost 7 months old now. He does so many new things everyday. I couldn’t be more proud of him